Return Policy

Because all items within the Big League Locker online stores are made to order, we do not offer refunds, exchanges, or returns. The only exception to this is manufacturer defect, print defect, or production mistakes by Big League Locker.

Any manufacturing or production mistake on our end will be redone as quickly as possible, however, any mistakes made by customer in order information will result in a new order needing to be placed at their expense. We will print exactly what is spelled out on the order confirmation, so please be as accurate as possible!

In addition, we strongly encourage you to test your player in each available size, or otherwise measure them accurately. We will not exchange pieces, especially uniform pieces, because of incorrect size or fit.  It is your responsibility to approve your players sizes before ordering.  If you trust your player to try on alone, understand you're trusting them to pick the best size.  Needing a new size for games will result in having to purchase another piece in the correct size, or force your player to wear the size they chose for themselves.

This policy also goes for the player's number. Please confirm with team that you are using the correct player number and not duplicating another player before ordering. We cannot remake pieces due to number duplication.  Player numbers that the customer provides will be printed on apparel.  Once a piece enters production, we cannot change personalization during the production process.  A new order will have to be placed to correct duplicates.